With the fast growing economy of Indonesia, the business environment is moving arlong accordingly Beside Construction and Property, Industrial sector has become one of the keys sectors fully supported by the government in the sense of permits, investment, legalization, infrastructurre, etc.

In line with the growing demand of the particular market, graphic industry has changed from ordinary paint job to screen printing in self adhesive vinyl film due to efficiency, productifity and uniformity.

In Indonesia application of this so called stickers has become a n absolute requiretment in almost all sector such as : Automotive OEM (Motor Cycle, Cars, Bicycle), Other Comercial Aplication (Digital Printing, Car Branding, Billboard %26 Promotional) and also Government (Signage %26 Traffic Sign).

Based on the above mentioned facts, and the experience/knowledge that we have, PT GRAFINDO MITRASEMESTA is formed to participate into this challenging market opprtunity.